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Software solutions for hardware integration are one of our specialities. Built over a wide variety of projects we have the experience to deliver the full software solution.

We specialise in:

Software analysis, design and implementation

We can undertake software projects starting at any stage; from requirements gathering through to implementation, including manufacture, testing and delivery. If required, we can complete a specific stage or multiple stages of a project.

Software to Hardware Integration

Integrating software solutions into hardware is one of our specialities, built over a wide variety of projects we have the experience to deliver. Projects have included:

Real-time data capture and analysis

We have developed software solutions that capture data from electronic hardware in a variety of ways using the following techniques:

Once the data has been captured, we can design software solutions to analyse, report and export the data to your requirements. See for yourself, click here, for images of our Data Capture examples.

Client/Server Applications and Databases

To leverage data captured through our electronics and software solutions we develop client/server applications for data storage and manipulate. Meeting your requirements through either traditional software packages or web-enabled technologies; thin-clients or Web Browsers over Intranet or Internet. Giving you real-time access your information, anytime anywhere.

Application development service designing and building systems for data capture, storage and analysis, over large networks. Data storage can be a central database (or file) and accessed from anywhere on your LAN or WAN.