Consultancy services

Circiut board

Electronics - Design and development services

We specialise in the design and development of electronics systems, with an innovative approach to design, we have the experience to deliver a fully integrated solution.

Our services can support projects from an initial concept right through to production; developing both bespoke solutions and ‘Off-the-shelf’ products for a wide variety of applications.

Software code

Software - Design and development services

Software solutions for hardware integration are one of our specialities. Built over a wide variety of projects we have the experience to deliver the full software solution.

Our areas of expertise are software integration with hardware systems, database systems design, real-time data capture and application development for data analysis.

Thermal image heatsink

Thermal imaging services

We use thermal imaging technology to help diagnose problems across different electronic systems, which are not readily apparent.

Thermal imaging is an important step in identifying operating problems for both electronic and mechanical equipment. This can help with system performance, system safety and component life; areas are identified, indicating likely failure points that can be rectified.