Rolling road - Graphical user interface (GUI) software

Our ‘Rolling road - graphical user interface (GUI)’ software is a powerful tool for capturing and analysing data produced from a rolling road. The software allows for real-time data capture and subsequent analysis.

What is a Rolling Road?Rolling road GUI

A rolling road is a tool used in many garages for tuning of performance cars. It consists of a set of large concrete rollers for the car to run on, a braking system for the rollers (usually an electronic brake), and a display unit showing the power produced.

The traditional method of using a rolling road is to hold the speed steady at intervals of 500 rpm and record the reading displayed manually. The electronic brake resists the power of the engine; resulting in the power used by the brake is equal to the power produced by the car.

The mechanic then adjusts the engine characteristics and repeats the whole process to re-measure performance.

Disadvantages with this process:

To reduce time and cost a mechanic will usually adjust multiple characteristics at once before retesting, therefore making it difficult to know which step improved the cars performance.

ESR ‘Rolling Road’ software solution

Designed to work with both ‘Hofmann’ and ‘Sun’ Rolling roads, our ‘Rolling road GUI’ software simplifies the whole approach:

Data captured from individual runs can be analysis:

Further information

See for yourself, click here, to see a sample run produced using our software.
Alternatively, download a demonstration copy of our ‘Rolling road GUI’ software from our Downloads page.