Injection brake – Retrofit solution

Extending our work within the Rolling road industry we have developed a cost-effective solution to add ‘Injection braking’ to your existing Induction motors, where a motor replacement maybe prohibitively expensive.

Our cost-effective solution can stop both Three-Phase and Single-Phase machines of any horsepower within the regulated time. Furthermore, once the machine has stopped, our design electrically isolates the motor from the mains; prohibiting the machine from starting unsupervised.

What is it?Injection brake PCB

Injection braking is a method used to rapidly stop induction motors when the ‘Stop’ button is pressed. This is especially important in heavy machinery where large rotating parts have a significant amount of inertia; resulting in the machinery slowing down gradually. In the event of an accident our hardware will ensure that the machine will come to a stop as quickly as possible.

Why do I need to know about it?

For work machinery, this has become important due to the introduction of the PUWER 1998 regulations. The regulations state that "work equipment is provided with one or more readily accessible the operation of which will bring the work equipment to a safe condition in a safe manner" (L114 2ndEd, Reg 15.1). This has been interpreted by the ‘Health and Safety Executive’ (HSE) in an ‘Approved Code of Practice’ (ACOP) to mean bringing the machine to a complete stop in less than ten seconds, if this is not likely to be harmful to the machine or dangerous to the operator or others close by.

ESR 'Injection brake' solution

ESR has developed a complete proprietary solution which can be retrofitted to virtually any machine with an induction motor, offering benefits:

For applications where moving parts need adjustments between operations; any downtime is prohibitively expensive and can lead to a significant loss in productivity. Having the ability to stop the motor in just a few seconds, make adjustments and resumed operations is time saving and cost-effective.

ESR supply a complete set of replacement componentry, our injection braking can be fitted within two to three hours including a control box with CE standard marked Stop and Start buttons. Which are membrane protected to IP54 standard (protection against dust or moisture), replacing the machines’ original ‘On/Off’ switch(s).

Further Information

For further information on the requirements and regulations of Injection Braking for wood-working machines, please use the following links: