Rolling road GUI

Rolling road - Graphical user interface software

Our ‘Rolling road - graphical user interface (GUI)’ software is a powerful tool for capturing and analysing data produced from a rolling road. The software allows for real-time data capture and subsequent analysis. Data sets can be saved for future reference and compared with previous runs to give a before and after view.

Rolling road image

Rolling road - Replacement control electronics

ESR has developed a complete set of replacement electronics for your existing rolling road. We replace your current control electronics with new strain gauge, speed sensors, handset and gauges. These utilise your existing mechanics, i.e. rollers, air brakes and retarder. Each replacement set can be tailor made to your exact requirements, e.g. horsepower, speed, gauges (analogue or digital).

Injection brake PCB

Injection brake - Retrofit solution

Extending our work within the Rolling road industry we have developed a cost-effective solution for adding ‘Injection braking’ to your existing Induction motors, where a motor replacement maybe prohibitively expensive.

Our cost-effective solution can stop both Three-Phase and Single-Phase machines of any horsepower within the regulated time. Furthermore, once the machine has stopped, our design electrically isolates the motor from the mains; prohibiting the machine from starting unsupervised.